Mrs Watson’s Class

We live in a town called Sointula on Malcolm Island.  About 600 people live on our island and there are 42 children in our little school.  There is a primary class (kindergarten to grade 3) and an intermediate class (grade 4 to 7).  We have 18 students in our multi-age classroom aged 5 to 9 years old.  Some of us have brothers, sisters, and cousins in our class.  It is just like a little family!


Sointula is on Malcolm Island


Malcolm Island is in the province of British Columbia


British Columbia is in Canada


We have a playground, field, and even a forest to play in!

We like to play Grounders and Plug on the playground equipment.

The field is great for playing soccer and baseball.

We call the forest our million dollar playground!

We like to play Predator Prey and Kick the Can in the forest.

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