Topic 5: Animals

Here in Canada we have many different kinds of animals. Canada is a very large country and there are several different habitats that animals can live in. We have arctic, temperate rainforest, grassland, desert, coniferous forest, ocean, mountain, lake, river, and pond habitats.

We each chose a favourite Canadian animal to learn about and share with you. We will tell you about their length and height in centimetres or metres, their weight in grams or kilograms, and their lifespan in years.

We just thought that we should let you know that even though all these animals call Canada their home, hardly any of them live on our island! In Sointula, you will find White-tailed deer, Killer whales, and the occasional bear or cougar that swims across from the main land (this hardly ever happens).

Which Canadian animal is your favourite?

What kind of habitats are in your country?

Do you have any of these animals where you live or any animals that are similar?

43 thoughts on “Topic 5: Animals

  1. Dear Class
    Too bad I was not here for the video I wish I was.
    Did you guys enjoy the video? I liked Rhys’s part. It was funny
    Your classmate,

    • Dear Jacob,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on our world our numbers.
      And I enjoyed the video. I wish you were here for the video too! I thought Rhys was so funny too!
      What animal did you like?
      Again thanks for the comment

      Your buddy,

  2. Dear Mrs. Watson’s students,

    Wow! That was an informative animal tutorial! We were surprised to see that most of the animals are familiar to us because we have some of them here in the United States.

    Collin: We do not have wolverines here in California. We checked a range map and learned that wolverines live in northern Europe, northern Asia, and the northern part of North America.

    Mallory: Do you know why people called the bison, the buffalo?

    Bennett: You asked what habitats are in our country. We have: deserts, lakes, polar regions (Alaska), rivers, grasslands, forests, mountains, swamps, oceans, and ponds. My favorite habitat is the forest habitat because most the animals that live in the forest are interesting to me.

    Katelyn: We do not have real grizzly bears anymore. However, we do have one on our California flag!

    Sean: We noticed you have Atlantic puffins in your country. We read a story called Night of the Pufflings. It was about the puffins who return to Iceland each spring. They lay one egg and then return to the sea to raise their young.

    We’d like to congratulate all of you on your outstanding presentation.

    Your animal-loving pals,
    Mrs. Yollis and her 2/3 split

    • Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      I agree the movie was an informative tutorial. I was also surprised to learn that some of the animals are familiar because some of them live in the United Stats.

      Collin, One of my favorite animals that was in the movie was the wolverine.

      Mallory, I do not now why people call the bison, the buffalo.

      Bennett, My favorite habitat is the polar region because I love the snow. I love the snow because I love snowball fights with my friends.

      Katelyn, True, we do not have real grizzly bears here any more. However, we have one on our California flag.

      Sean, We did read a story, Night of the Pufflings. I thought it was a good story.

      What is your favorite habitat?

      Your blogging student,

    • Dear Mrs. Yollis and the 2/3s,
      Thank you so much for your comment! We think it is cool that you have some of the same animals in the United States.

      Jorja-Why do you no longer have any Grizzly bears? We talked about it and we wonder if it could be because of habitat loss and hunting.

      Taegan-Which of the animals in the video are in the United States?

      Lily-Do you have the White-tailed deer in your country?

      Teagan-Have any of you ever seen a porcupine. I have never seen one before and neither has anyone in our class except for Jacob who saw one in a zoo.

      Thanks again for the comment!

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

      • Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

        Thanks so much for the comment back! I will answer your deer question, but I will leave the others so that my 2/3 graders can join in when we return from spring break on Monday.

        Lily, we have a lot of deer here in the United States. In some places, the deer population has grown to a point that the deer are causing problems. Some deer are eating people’s landscape and worse, these large mammals can get hit by cars!

        I’ve seen deer a few times in my neighborhood. I’m not sure if they are white-tailed deer or mule deer. Here is a photo I took one morning on my way to work:

        Occasionally I see coyotes too!

        Do you have coyotes on your island?

        Your animal-loving friend,
        Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Dear Mrs. Watson and students,

    I’m so impressed with your work! I think I see a few future tv personalities! I can tell that you put a lot of time and effort into all of your work. There were a lot of great facts!

    One of my favorite animals that was presented was the beluga whale. I think it’s such an incredible and beautiful animal. At one of my favorite aquariums, they have two of them. I could stand there and just watch them for hours! I think it’s amazing how they can just move through the water so gracefully and effortlessly.

    Thanks for sharing all your information. I learned so much about some of the Canadian animals!

    Mr. Avery

    • Dear Mr. Avery,
      Thank you for the wonderful comment! We think that it might be fun to be a TV star! Who knows one day it might even come true! Some of the students in our class would like to be on commercials or star in a show or movie when they get older.

      Merissa’s favourite animal is the Beluga whale too! We think it is cool that you have an aquarium close to you. How far away is it from where you live. Sharon, Merissa, and Kezra have been to the Vancouver Aquarium, but it is a 30 minute ferry ride, then a 4 hour drive, then a 2 hour ferry ride to get to Vancouver. We think it is amazing how it swims too.

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  4. Dear Mrs Watson
    I like the Red Fox and the Lynx. I like them because I think the colour of their fur is cool.
    I have a kitten. It is called Tommy. I like animals.

    We don’t have any of the Canadian animals that I like in New Zealand.

    Do you like animals?

    Your blogging buddy
    Jia xuan

    • Dear Jia xuan,

      Thank you for your magnificent comment! We like the Lynx and the Red fox too, but there aren’t any here in our town. None of us have ever seen one in the wild, but a few of us have seen them in a zoo.

      We like all sorts of animals too. 8 students in our class have cats as pets too and Lily’s cat is a little special because it only has 3 legs, but that is another story.

      What are your favourite New Zealand animals?

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  5. Dear Mrs W and K/1/2/3
    My favoutite animal on your post is the white owl because it looked like it has been playing in the snow. My second favourite was the grizzly bear.
    Some of our habitats are in the moiuntains, ocean, grass
    lands and in the bush.
    In New Zealand we have owls and kea and we have kiwis.
    I have pigeons in the tree at my house.

    from Mason in B4

    • Dear Mason,
      Thank you for your fantastic comment. We don’t Keas or Kiwis here in Sointula and so we went to Google to see what they look like.

      We thought the Keas looked beautiful in the pictures, but we bet they look even more beautiful in real life. Do you have Keas in your town?

      We thought the Kiwi birds looked very interesting with their long beaks. We are guessing that they need a long beak for the type of food that they eat. Is that right? We thought the babies looked really cute and fluffy. Have you ever seen a baby one?

      We have pigeons and owls here in Sointula too.

      Thanks again for your comment,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  6. Dear Mrs W and k/1/2/3

    My favoutite animal is the white tailed deer because I like the white tail.
    What is your favoutite animal? Is it the white tailed deer?
    My 2nd favourite is the red fox.
    We have keas. For art we are doing keas.

    warm wishes
    Zaria in B4

    • Dear Zaria,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Most of us really like deer too, and it’s a good thing because we have A LOT of them in Sointula. Some people even feed the deer. They aren’t very scared of people. They also come into people’s yards and eat their gardens which isn’t such a good thing. People have to have tall fences to keep them out because they can jump very high. Jacob isn’t that fond of deer because he tried to pet one once and it just ran away.

      We would love to see pictures of the Keas you made in art.

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  7. Hello,

    I am Jordi from 4KM and I love this post!

    Which Canadian animal is your favorite?
    My favorite Canadian animal is the White-tailed deer because I love the colour stroke and it is really cute.

    Do you have any of these animals where you live or any animals that are similar?
    I don’t think we have much in common ❓ I don’t really know. SORRY…

    What kind of habitats are in your country?
    I am pretty sure some are, Arid Region, Forest Floor, Wetlands, Ocean, Tree Tops, Desert and Rain Forest. They are some.


    • Dear Jordi,
      Thanks so much for leaving us a comment! If you ever get a chance to visit Sointula you would see a lot of white-tailed deer! They are often seen in our yards nibbling on grass or getting into people`s gardens. Some people in town even feed them. They aren`t very scared of people at all.

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  8. Dear Mrs. Watson’s Class,

    I loved your video! You all did a fantastic job sharing information about your favorite Canadian animal. I liked how you used a green screen so we could see each animal while you were talking.

    It’s too hard for me to pick one favorite animal from your video, but I really like red foxes, wolverines, and snowy owls.

    We have a lot of the same animals near Connecticut because we are are pretty far north and we have a lot of forests around us. In fact, we have so many white-tailed deer that they are overpopulated and can cause problems. Their natural predators, wolves, were killed off in Connecticut a long time ago so now there are too many of them and they eat a lot of gardens and small bushes.

    However, we don’t have grizzly bears, wolverines, or bison. While we do have a lot of forests and open space, we don’t have enough for grizzly bears or bison to live comfortably. They need a lot of room!

    Great job on your post!

    Mr. Salsich

  9. Hello Mrs. Watson and class,

    I found your video presentation very interesting. I know my favourite of those you showed was the beluga whale. Whales are fascinating.

    To answer your questions, I prepared a post for you. It shows 16 Australian animals I compare to the 16 Canadian animals you have shown. I have added photos for many but had to draw a couple of them. Some are from Wikimedia Commons.

    Here is the link…

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Dear Mr. Mannell,
      Thank you so much for your amazing comment! We have been looking at 4 or 5 of the animals you posted each day this week. We are loving your beautiful drawings, the cool videos and photos you included, and all the fantastic facts!

      We really liked the video of the Tasmanian Devils arguing and were sad to here that the Tasmanian tigers are now extinct. We also really enjoyed the National Geographic video all about the platypus. They are so unique!

      We will write more about the second set of animals tomorrow. Things have been very busy with science fair preparations for tomorrow.

      Thank you again for teaching us so much!

      Your friends,
      Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

      • Dear Mrs W. and K/1/2/3,

        One of my best encounters this year has been interacting with classes involved in “Our World, Our Numbers”. The classes have been making very interesting posts.

        I hope you all have fun in your science fair. 🙂

        Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

        • Dear Mr. Mannell,
          Today we looked at more of the Australian animals and the Koala was definitely the most popular with the students. We all loved the video that you shared of Suzie and her Joey. There were a lot of ooowwws and aawwws in the room!

          The dingo and the tiger quoll were also favourites. We are really enjoying learning about how the animals you shared are similar to animals that we have.

          We can’t wait to look at more after the weekend!

          Your friends,
          Mrs. W and the K/1/2/3s

  10. Dear Mrs. Watson’s Class,

    I think your video was really cool!

    One of my favorite Canadian animals was the rattlesnake. I think it’s cool that it can rattle it’s tail if there’s danger. That’s an easy way to warn the other snakes around.

    The habitats in our country are: saltwater, freshwater, field, forest, and maybe others.
    A lot of the animals are the same here, but some are different. For example, we do not have bison here and some others.

    Your Blogging Buddy,
    Wynn (from Mr. Salsich’s Class) :mrgreen:

    • Dear Wynn,

      Thank you for the comment!
      My name is Merissa just to tell you my name and I thought that the video was really cool too! My favourite animal was the Beluga whale because in this place called Vancouver I got to see a Beluga whale show. Have you ever seen a Beluga whale before? What part did you like of the video? My part I thought Rhys was very funny. Did you think Rhys was funny or cute?
      Thanks again for the wonderful comment

      Your friend
      in Mrs.Watson’s

  11. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    Nice post! It was both funny and interesting. We do not have that many of the animals that you guys have in Canada. In Connecticut, we have mostly forest animals and we do not have any bison or cougar. The grizzly bear part with Rhys was very cute and funny. Is he in kindergarten or first? I also think that it was cool that the puffins weighed 500 grams which is just over a pound as the video said. Our class liked the video!

    Ivy 😯 (in Mr. Salsich’s class)

    • Dear Ivy,

      Thanks for the comment. It is lots of fun having lots of animals in Canada. The only problem about the cougar is that they are carnivores, and once one came near our school!. Then we weren’t allowed outside. Rhys who did the grizzly bear is a kindergarten student he was defiantly cute. I had no clue that puffins weight was over a pound.

      From Bronwen in Mrs Watson’s k/1/2/3 class

  12. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

    I liked your post! I’ll anwser all your questions you put at the bottom of your post. I thought your video was very interesting. I liked Rhys’s part about the grizzly. It is SUPER hard for me to pick, I love every animal on this earth (exept some dangerous bugs) so all of them are my favorite. The habitats we have in our country are Ocean, desert, lake, river, grassland, moutain, arctic, and more I can’t think of. We have owls, black bears, foxes, LOTS of white tailed deer, porcupines, racoons, cougars, whales off the coast, and plenty of snakes.

    Sean 😎
    Mr.Salsich’s class

    • Dear Sean,
      Hi, I am from Mrs. Watson’s class and I also liked when Rhys did the grizzly bear too.
      If I were you it would be so hard to pick. My favourite animal is a dog. What is yours? Have you ever seen a black grizzly? And if you did was it scary? It would of been for me. I love orcas. I mostly see them in the summer.

      Your friend,
      from Mrs. Watson’s class

  13. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class

    I loved the post! I loved how all of you had good expresson and comprehension, accuracy, and fluency. I liked everyone’s part but my favorite part was the grizzly bear. That one was funny . Thanks for teaching me me about your animals. Cool post!

    Jacob 😎
    Mr.Salsich’s class

    • Dear Jacob

      Thanks for the awesome comment.
      I like the part with the Bear too.
      I just noticed that we both have the same names.
      What is your second and third favorite animal? I was not there for the video I went somewhere.

      Your blogging buddy
      Mrs Watson’s class

  14. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

    My favorite animal is the grizzly bear. I thought the kid was really funny. Is he in kindergarten? He is pretty small that is why I asked. He did a great job and was that his first time in front of a green screen?

    Collin (in Mr. Salsich’s class)

  15. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. I just wanted to let you all know that we are off on a 4 day weekend and will return to school tomorrow. The K/1/2/3s will be very excited to read all of your comments!

    Mrs. W

    • Dear Collin,
      Thanks for leaving us a comment on our world our numbers. I liked when you said the grizzly bear.
      From Rhys
      In Mrs Watsons Class

  16. Dear Mrs Watson & Class,
    What a fantastic job you did with your video. I think that the thing I like most is that in Canada you have lots of BIG, exciting animals – I would be very scared to meet some of them in the wild!
    In the UK our native species are smaller and not quite so scary or dangerous. No wolverines or grizzly bears here! Animals which we have which are similar are red fox, deer and puffins. There are six kinds of deer found here, the most common are red, roe and fallow. In the summer months, lots of puffins visit our shores and nest on the high cliffs, and they are fun to watch with their colourful beaks. Owls live around our area, and although we more frequently hear than see them, I have seen barn owls in the fields around Middleham.
    The most common animals to see around here are rabbits – hundreds and hundreds of them! We frequently see grey squirrel, and red squirrel if we are more lucky. There are badgers in the area but I’ve never seen one. Foxes and badgers are increasingly seen in towns as their habitat changes and they forage for food amongst the waste of our cities.
    You did an absolutely fabulous job with your animal video, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to tell us about your native species. Class 2 is on an Easter break at the moment, but I will look forward to sharing your video with the class when we are back in school.
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Dear Mrs. Monaghan,
      Thank you for the comment. We have not met most of these animals in person. Do deer come near your house? Deer come into my yard all the time. We only have a couple rabbits here, and they are pets. I have only seen squirrels in Florida and on different islands which are camp grounds.

      From Mrs. Watson’s class

  17. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

    I loved your video and your post! I liked learning about the animas that live in your country. I liked learning how the bever can be over one meter long and that that is longer than your arm span! I like how some of you were so exited to talk about your animal because that made it more fun to listen to. I think your post is fantastic!

    Your friend from CT,
    Sandy ( in Mr.Salsich’s class)

    • Dear Sandy,
      thank you for the comment. I’m not so sure that I can tell you all of the animals in our country but I can tell you all of the animals on our island. We have white-tailed deer, rats, horses, dogs, cats and the occasional cougar. Why a beaver is that long is because of it’s adaptations.
      Lily 🙂
      (in Mrs. Watson’s class)

  18. Dear Mrs. Watsons class,

    My favorite part of the video was the Red Fox and the Deer. All of your student’s had great expression! We have a lot of forests around us. We have a lot of the same animals near us, we have a lot of White tailed Deer. What is your most common animal?

    Great post!


    Piper (in Mr. Salsich’s class)

  19. Dear Piper,
    thank you for the comment. My name is Taegan I did the part that you like the red fox. Lily did the deer. I think we did a great gob too.We have lots and giant amounts of forest. Not all the animals we did in the video live here.
    From Taegan
    in Mrs. W’s class

  20. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    I think your slideshow was amazing. I loved how you used green screen to have your students favorite animals behind them. Their voices were not too quiet or loud.

    My favorite Canadian animal is probably the killer whale. I love how it is black and white and I love seeing their tail shooting up.

    We also have many habitats in our country like our oceans, deserts, lakes, rivers, swamps, forests, pond, and arctic.

    What is your favorite habitat?
    What is your favorite US animal and why?

    Collin (Mrs. Yollis’ class)

  21. Dear Mrs. Watson,

    You asked what your favorite Canadian animal was. My favorite Canadian animal is the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears are not found here in California roaming around. When I was on spring break I went to Big Bear. There was a zoo there that we went to, and at the zoo they had three grizzly bears! Have you ever seen any grizzly bears? If so, where have you seen them?


  22. Dear Mrs. Watson’s class,

    Great post!!!!! I really liked the video especially when loran was taking about bison and when Rhys was talking about grizzly bears. But everybody did great reading and a great job explaining every animal. My favorite animal is the either the bison or the grizzly bear.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Brendan (in Mr. Salsich’s class) 😯

  23. Dear Mrs. Watson and class,

    We adore your video about animals. We love how you how you used green screen.

    Our favorite Canadian animals are the rattle snake and the killer whale. What is your favorite animal?

    Some habitats we have are arctic, temperate rainforest, grassland, desert, coniferous forest, ocean, mountain, lake, river, ponds, and swamps. My favorite habitat is the desert because we live in one. What is yours?

    Bennett and Collin 🙂

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