Topic 3: Recipes – As Easy as Pi(e)

With recipes being the topic this week, it tied in perfectly with today. It just so happens that today is March 14, which here in the United States we often write as 3-14. Well, this represents a very important number in math. It represents a number that we call pi. Now that’s not pie, like the kind you eat. We’ll get to that in a minute. Pi (π) is often written as 3.14. That represents the number of times that the diameter of a circle fits into the circumference of a circle.

Every year, we like to celebrate Pi Day because it’s something that we learn about it sixth grade. We use pi (3.14) to find both the circumference and area of a circle. The circumference is the distance around a circle. The area is the amount of space inside of a circle (or how many square units can fit into a circle). To celebrate, students bring in pies (not numbers but the actual food). We measure each pie to find the radius and diameter of it. Then, we use those numbers to find the circumference and area! Check out some pictures from our day below.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about circumference and area, you can watch two of our Math Movie Network videos from last year.

Some students brought in recipes for the pies that they made. We’ve shared them in the presentation below. You can learn about some of the common types of pies that we eat in here in Massachusetts and then you can see how you can make it at home!


Have you ever heard of pi (π) before?

What is your favorite type of pie to eat?


Are the pies that you eat similar or different to the pies that we like to eat?


18 thoughts on “Topic 3: Recipes – As Easy as Pi(e)

  1. Dear Mr. Avery,
    I will definitely try to make some of those pies.
    They look sooo good. 🙂 My favorite type of pie from that slideshow is probably the chocolate chip pie. What is your favorite kind of pie?

    Sincerely, Olivia Y.

  2. Dear Mr. Avery

    Pie day was very fun.It was the best day at school so far. I can’t believe that so many people had 4 slices of pie and we still had a ton of extra pie. Pie day was awesome!

  3. Dear Mr. Avery,

    My brother told me about pi. So I have heard of pi before. My favorite pie is ice cream pie and home made apple pie. Also, I like to use pi for fin because it is just fun.

    Rebecca A.
    Mr. Avery’s class

  4. Dear Mr. Avery,
    Pie day was very fun, I want to do it again sometime. Now I’m really craving that pumpkin pie! I had found out that the chocolate cream pie I brought in was the biggest!
    Jacob B.

  5. Dear Mr. Avery,
    I have heard of pi, it equals 3.145926… I am not sure what Pie is my favorite, we had so many for pi day! We have many different recipes but I wonder what other recipes there are:? I would like to try one of them someday! There are interesting recipes that I have never heard of before.
    Jenna K.

  6. Dear Mr Avery and Grade 6
    In B4 we like pies too! here are some of our favourites:

    Ricci, Ivy, Nathan and Caleb – mince and cheese ( we think you might call mince hamburger, it is minced up meat)
    Tarris – bacon and egg
    Jamie – potato-top and mince
    Gabriel – steak and cheese
    Emily – chocolate chip
    Marcus – blackberry
    Toby and Skye – steak
    Zaria, Liv, Lachy, Jia Xuan and Billy – mince
    Mrs Mckenzie – lemon meringue
    Jordan – pork pie
    Olivia – crab meat pie
    Mason – shepherd’s pie
    Kayden – chicken
    Cruiz and Bradley- apple

    Some people prefer savoury pies and some people prefer sweet dessert pies!

    Are there any of our pies that you have never heard of before?

    from B4

  7. Dear Mr Avery,

    My name is Jesse and i’m in 4KM. I learnt loads of information in that video.

    My favorite pie is a bit different to Sheppard pie it’s called
    Cottage pie. Its got veges, mince meat and potato in it. The pastry is the potato and the inside is the minced meat and veges.

    I don’t know the actual recipe but I’ll try and get my mum to put it up.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  8. Hi everyone

    hi i love your post about pie also the the pie we eat
    i never knew about the symbol pi.
    I like to eat apple pie because my mum makes it all the time
    we also have it at lunch. to make sure every teacher is awesome;)

    4KM guy Kyle 😉

  9. Hi teachers and students

    hi i love your post about pie also the the pie we eat
    i never knew about the symbol pi.
    I like to eat apple pie because my mum makes it all the time
    we also have it at lunch. to make sure every teacher is awesome;)

    4KM guy Kyle 😉

  10. Dear Mr Avery’s six class,

    I am Keira in 4KM for this year 2013.

    I have never herd the maths pi but I have herd of the pie you eat. I thought it was really interesting to learn about. I loved your video, when I watched that video I started to understand.

    My favorite pie to eat is Apple Pie, Shepard Pie, and Meat Pie.

    Our Shepard Pie does not have pastry on it. Does your Shepard Pie?

    Some of your pies are diffrent to ours in Australia.

    From your blogging buddy,
    Keira in 4KM. 😆

  11. @ Mr Avreys and class,

    Great post!

    At frist I didn’t know what pi was at the end I knew a little bit but not much

    From your friend,

  12. Hello Everyone,

    I found this post very interesting, I also noticed that that is how Pi on The Life Of Pi got his name, because there was a round swimming pool. 😆

    I went home and practiced some of the stuff about pi. I also showed my mum, my brother was very impressed but then I told him where I found it out. 😳

    has anyone seen the movie, The Life Of Pi? I saw it in 3D at the movies.

    You’re Blogging Buddy,
    Haille. 😈 :mrgreen:

  13. Dear Mr. Avery’s Class,
    Thank goodness it is almost supper time because your post has me very hungry all of a sudden. I may even need to make a pie this evening!

    The students in our class all love pie too, but we don’t cover pi in primary math, so we will have to stick to the kind you eat!

    We like to eat berry pies (like raspberry, black berry, and huckleberry), fruit pies (like apple and peach), mixed pies (like strawberry rhubarb), and cream pies (like banana, coconut, and chocolate). Some students in our class also like lemon meringue pie.

    Off to see if I have pie making ingredients!

    Mrs. Watson

  14. Dear Mr. Avery and class,

    We were surprised to see how many pies you made, and our class was shocked to hear another meaning for pi (pie).

    Collin and Sean’s favorite pie is cold pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream and not a lot of crust. We adore the texture of pumpkin filling. Collin is lucky because his mom sells pies so she has a huge freezer in the garage filled with pumpkin pie, apple pie, blueberry pie, banana cream pie, even mint chip ice cream pie, and many more! 😀

    In third grade we were also learning about radius and diameter, but it was not as complex as you are learning.

    What is your favorite pie?
    Do you like pie hot or cold?
    Do you like whipped cream on it?
    Do you like the crust?

    Your Blogging Buddies,

    Collin and Sean (Mrs.Yollis’ class)

  15. Dear Mr. Avery’s Class,

    We (Abbey and Bennett) have never heard of pi, until now! Our favorite pies are pumpkin pie and chocolate chip pie. It looks like you had an amazing time eating the delicious pie. We don’t mean pi, that wouldn’t taste to good. 😛

    Don’t you agree?
    How much fun did you have at the pie party?

    Abbey and Bennett

    (From Mrs. Yollis’ class)

  16. Dear Mr. Avery,

    Those pies you made look very delicious. Savannah and I do not know what pi means. Pi sounds very hard, well not the pie you eat the number pi. Savannah says, she loves key lime pie, and lemon. Ryan likes pumpkin pie. He thinks it tastes very delightful.

    Your pie-loving friends,
    Ryan and Savannah

  17. Dear Mr. Avery,

    Let us introduce ourselves. My name is Peter and my two other friends are Nate and Daniel. We like pie because it tastes delicious to us. We think the pie you guys showed us is outstanding. Nate, Daniel, and I are in second grade in Mrs. Yollis’ class. My friends and I love the Math Network. The math number pi is very interesting.

    Your new friends,

    Peter & Nate and finally Daniel

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